When you install Kasperksy Internet Security 2017 or Kaspersky Total Security 2017, along with it, the newly added Secure Connection will also be installed on your computer. Kaspersky Secure Connection is available with limited mode to users, and it offers only 200 MB of free traffic per day, when that limit exceeds a notification will be shown to wait for few more hours for you to avail the service.

If you want to use KSC without limitations then you need to purchase a license for that by visiting Kaspersky Online Store, if you think this much of a hassle then you can remove Kaspersky Secure Connection, here is how that can be done.

Three reasons to remove Kaspersky Secure Connection

  1. You want to use Kaspersky, but not interested in KSC because it works in limited mode.
  2. You’re using the trial version, after completing the evaluation period, you either need to purchase a license for Kasperksy or uninstall Kaspersky, but Secure Connection will be left behind without removal when you uninstall it. Then it isn’t much of use, you need to delete it anyway then.
  3. Another scenario is while keeping Kaspersky you may want to use another VPN.
Kaspersky Secure Connection

Secure Connection in Kaspersky Internet Security 2017  works in a limited mode, allows only 200 MB of traffic per day

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Uninstalling Kaspersky Secure Connection from Kaspersky 2017

1. Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features

2. Select Kaspersky Secure Connection, click Uninstall/Change

3. Click Next and follow the instructions on the screen to remove its components

4. When you’re prompted for a restart, restart your computer to complete the process.