Opera is testing native ad-blocking for their desktop browser in developer channel. All-of-a sudden surprisingly, Opera software has announced their Opera browser for computers includes native ad-blocking to browse web faster than before.

The ad-blocker which uses Easylists’ block lists not only block ads, but also stops trackers, thanks to use of EasyPrivacyList. The technology has been integrated and available in the latest developer channel for testing, and Opera is the first browser to do so.

Note: Presto powered Opera offered content blocking, which is different to the one introduced in the current Chromium based Opera.

The company boasts ad blocking happens at web engine level and users get unmatched speed when compared with extensions they install like Adblock Plus.

Opera’s ad-blocker is disabled by default, and will trigger you with a dialog to block ads when the ads are detected on the website you visit. You could either enable it or skip it.

Opera ad-blocker 1

The dialog on pop-up reveals how many ads are blocked on the current page and ‘how many you’ve blocked overall’. Pop-up open from shield icon also allows to perform speed test for the current website with and without ads.Opera ad-blocker 2

You can disable ad-blocker for a specific website you’re on by using the shield icon, which will then be added to the whitelist or you can deactivate the feature for browser by visiting the Settings page.

Opera ad-blocker setting in settings page

” Our research shows that browsing with the Opera’s ad-blocking feature is on average 45% faster compared to browsing on Google Chrome with the AdBlock Plus extension. We think it’s pretty cool.”  They’ve forgot to do benchmarks tests for browsers with the other popular extension, ublock Origin.

Opera hasn’t said they’ve plans to bring this feature to public on stable channel. For more details, read this blog post.

Is Opera heading in the right direction?

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