Mozilla announced in their blog about new feature called Firefox Health Report which soon to be introduced in nightly build of Firefox. FHR will collect data from Firefox and sends to Mozilla which helps users to compare Firefox performance against other instances of Firefox configurations and also aids Mozilla to fix problems in their browser.

What is Firefox Health Report? Which data it collects from my Firefox browser?

Mozilla defines Firefox Health Report as “ an upcoming Firefox feature that enables users to optimize their Firefox configuration and will help us (Mozilla) build a more excellent browser”.

This feature will collect following data from the browser instance

  • Configuration data – for example, device hardware, operating system, Firefox version
  • Customizations data – for example, add-ons, count and type
  • Performance data – for example, timing of browser events, rendering, session restores
  • Wear and Tear data – for example, length of session, how old a profile is, count of crashes

When FHR will be available?

This feature will soon to land on nightly build. When this feature appears to users Firefox offers brief about it and later this feature will be adjusted and tweaked further to land on Aurora, Beta and general release versions.

FHR will be built into Firefox which offers dashboard that lets user to visualize browser performance in comparison to other browser configurations, through dashboard they can assess Firefox performance problems.

How long FHR data will be stored in Mozilla servers? when it will be removed?

FHR collects data for day one and sends as a document to Mozilla servers, FHR will send day one +Day two data as a document which instructs Mozilla to remove day one document data. Mozilla will aggregate this data and removes it after 180 days.

Can I able to disable FHR and delete data collected by it?

Mozilla doesn’t sell your data to anyone or it doesn’t track your visit to sites and searches you performed. At any time user can able to disable Firefox health Report or remove data associated with the browser.

Via [Blog of Metrics  & FAQ for FHR]