When was the last time you accessed Google search Settings and made changes may be like turning off safe search by dragging slider towards No filtering to view explicit content or disabled Google instant by selecting ‘never show instant results’ option, these changes will be saved to your Computer and browser when you’re not signed in via Cookies, once you clear them you need to change Google Search settings again and save those changes, Google now allows you to save search settings to your Google accounts, so that you can access these from any device and browser.

To save Google Search Settings to your account

1. Visit Google’s search preferences Page, click on Sign in button, sign into Google account with username and password

2. You’ll be taken back to search preferences page again after sign-in, now customize Search settings-for Search Settings filters you can drag slider towards Strict filtering or NO filtering where by default Google applies Moderate filtering to all users world-wide.

3. Later you can configure whether do you want Google Instant or not, now click on ‘save’ button to save these changes to your Google account.

Google Search Settings

When you search Google after signed into your account those settings applied everywhere irrespective of browser and computer you’re using.