Google is enhancing the security for Search in Chrome by sending the searches from address bar over SSL for not-signed in users where till yesterday this encryption being offered to signed-in users only, now Google has turned on SSL protection for searches in Chrome 25 which is currently in beta channel and soon will be available to all users once Chrome 25 stable releases.

Email services like Gmail, Hotmail offering encryption for their signed in users by default, recently Yahoo joined them by allowing users to turn on SSL for its Yahoo Mail. Search getting encrypted too, Google has introduced encrypted search in May 2010 and made it default for signed-in users from October 2011.

Browsers like Firefox and Safari offering encrypted Google search for their users where Mozilla added to Firefox in July 2012, and Apple implemented for Safari in September 2012 and now Chrome following the two browser vendors.

Read Firefox to Use Google’s HTTPS Search by Default

You can’t find any difference with this feature in place and more over searches will be faster from Omnibox thanks to SPDY protocol implementation in Chrome browser. [Via Chromium blog]