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Mozilla blocks Java 7 Update 7 for Firefox

Due to a vulnerability in Java 7 update 7 version that being currently exploited in wild Mozilla added it to its add-on blokclist and will be automatically disabled on users Firefox browsers. Earlier versions before this update have... More of this article »

Mozilla Blocklists Old Silverlight Versions on Mac

Old version plugins always pose security risks and stability issues to any Browser, Mozilla is blocklisting these type of add-ons to protect users from using it, you can always check updates for your plugins using Mozilla plugin check,... More of this article »

McAfee Site Advisor Add-on Raises Firefox Memory Consumption, Disable It Now

If you’re using Firefox with McAfee security product installed in your Computer and if you ‘re experiencing slow browsing in Firefox 10.0.1 – blame McAfee Site Advisor add-on installed for Firefox. As Mozilla recommends users... More of this article »