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Tab Stacking in Opera 11 [Video]

Opera site goes live with Opera 11 beta download and its features. We’ve covered about Tab Stacking and pin tabs features of Opera 11 Beta. With Opera Tab Stacking, you can drag and drop one tab over other to create a group. Tab... More of this article »

Tab Stack for Chrome moves tabs from left to right in Most Recently Used Order

We’ve just covered that Opera 11 beta got Stack tabs feature, I am looking for something similar for Google Chrome and found Tab Stack Chrome extension. This extension doesn’t do what Tab Stack in Opera does, but Tab Stack... More of this article »
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Stack Tabs, Pin Tabs in Opera 11

Haven’t you downloaded Opera 11 Beta yet download now,  we’ve covered all the new features added in Opera 11 Alpha, there are two new features added to Opera 11 Beta,  Stack tabs and Pin tabs . Stack Tabs in Opera You... More of this article »