BootRacer 4.0: Measures Windows 8 Boot Time

Image about BootRacer 4.0: Measures Windows 8 Boot Time

One way to check your Computer is booting quickly is to check with popular program Soluto which not only tells you Windows boot time but also shows you which services and applications are taking more time to start so that you can disable them on startup and achieve faster startup.  BootRacer is another program that is specially developed to measure startup time of Windows for which latest 4.0 beta version added support for Windows 8, so that now you can calculate Windows 8 boot time to easily.

BootRacer gets Windows 8 support

It definitely interests you to know how much time Windows 8 takes to load because it only takes few seconds to boot on systems with decent configuration doesn’t even allows to press F8 key for troubleshooting purposes, nice problem to have! thanks to Microsoft.

Using the app is easy, download and install the program and launch it from desktop, where program prompts you to restart the computer for the calculation to begin.

BootRacer Windows 8 boot time results

Restart your Compute login to windows, after all programs loaded BootRacer shows booting time, click on see why to view boot results with details like Boot speed rating, Time to logon, and to Desktop and user logon time. Here Time to Desktop value is obtained by subtracting user logon waiting time from total boot time.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 boot times compared

We’ve tested BootRacer on Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows 7 and boot times measured are 43 seconds and 49 seconds respectively, considering that I use I3 processer 4 GB RAM and Intel mother board  can I say my system is loading fast on startup on both Windows.?

When compared both Windows 7 and Windows 8 boot results we learnt that know Windows 7 takes double time (40 sec) to logon to what Windows 8 took. Results may vary on different configurations.

Program developer says if boot time takes less that one minute then excellent rating can be granted, rules need to change? I think with Windows 8 may be less than 50 sec or half a minute  should be considered as excellent rating. What do you say?

How much time your Windows 8 system takes to boot? find it with BootRacer and let me know  through comments.

Download BootRacer 4.0