Customize Win X Menu in Windows 8 with Win+X Menu Editor

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There is only one start menu in Windows 8, that one for metro interface nah! there is another tiny start menu which you can open by using Win +X keys or hover over bottom left corner and right click to open a quick menu that allows us to access administrative and various other tools.  It’s hardly customizable, don’t know how many of you using it? But if you find it useful there is freeware portable utility called Win +X Menu Editor that lets you add or remove items from this menu without touching or modifying system files, lets call this menu as Win X or Win +X .

Win X menu

Editing Win +X Menu in Windows 8

Using this program is very easy. Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run WinXEditor of 32-bit/64-bit in that folder.

This tool shows all items on Win X menu and allows to add new shortcuts and remove unneeded (existing) shortcuts from the menu. You can add a new group and further add new shortcuts under it, similarly you can remove any group from the menu as well. You can revert to default Win X menu by clicking on “Restore Defaults’ button.

Win X Menu Editor for Windows 8

You can Download Win +X Menu Editor from here.