From the last few days there is lot of buzz on Carrier IQ which comes integrated with some smartphones, actually Carrier IQ was designed to help mobile carriers solve their customer support and infrastructure issues but its is doing other things like a malware by tracking user’s  personal information such as smartphone usage, keystrokes, location  data , SMS and email conversations. Security vendor BitDefender released Carrier IQ detector tool, BitDefender Carrier IQ Finder which reveals presence of Carrier IQ package if exists on your smartphone.

Carrier IQ foundBitDefender Carrier IQ Finder

Since Carrier IQ deeply integrated into device firmware (if exists on your smartphone) it’s not possible to uninstall unless with some special privileges, you need to contact your service provider to remove the package .

This tool analyzes your android/smartphone software for Carrier IQ code on firmware if found it prompts you, this tool neither offers the protection nor removes the Carrier IQ. You need to use Mobile security software offered by Security vendor for your Smartphone for protection against malware.

BitDefender Carrier IQ Finder available on Android market  store.