How to enable Taskbar Overflow on Windows 11

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Microsoft is to release a big ‘Moment1’ update for Windows 11 22H2 in October 2022, it features Taskbar Overflow UI.
Do you know, without the need to await, you can enable the feature right now in the 2022 update build?

Taskbar Overflow

What is the taskbar overflow menu?

Microsoft has re-launched a completely new taskbar overflow experience in Windows 11. A menu with a 3-dots icon automatically appears when the app icons take up the maximum capacity on the taskbar.

When you click the icon, you can see overflowed apps for you to see and launch them.

In simple words, when the taskbar runs out of space to show app icons, it puts them in the 3-dots icon “Taskbar Overflow Menu” which you can use to switch and open apps.

The overflow menu allows you to pin apps, open jumplist, and extend UI.

You can dismiss it by clicking outside of Overflow UI or when you navigate to another app.

You can also notice a vertical line next to Overflow which indicates too many apps are showing at a time in the taskbar. The down arrow icon next to the vertical line shows the most recently used system tray apps that won’t appear in the tray.

Taskbar Overflow menu button

Windows 11 2022 Update shipped with Task Manager with Dark mode, Taskbar drag and drop functionality, Start Menu folders, New flyouts for volume slider, Camera, Copy as path shortcut, and others.

We’ve covered how to enable tabbed File Explorer in it, now without the need to get an update in October for Windows 11 22H2 you can enable the Taskbar Overflow menu that was hidden by default right now.

How to enable Taskbar Overflow on Windows 11 22H2

  1. Visit GitHub page
  2. Download the latest ViveTool release
  3. Save the Zip file to your computer
  4. Extract files to a folder.
  5. Copy the path of the folder
  6. Open Start
  7. Type cmd, select run as administrator
  8. Enter the Vivetool path we copied earlier
  9. Run the following commands.
    vivetool /enable /id:35620393
    vivetool /enable /id:35620394
  10. Restart your computer

The overflow menu on the taskbar is already available for insiders for a while, Windows 11 22H2 users will get it along with File Explorer Tabs, new Open with Dialog, and  Suggested Actions in October 2022 with the new update.

Note: You need to use a third-party tool to enable taskbar overflow and the feature could be buggy.

Final words:

When your taskbar is constrained for space with too many apps, Windows 11 moves all the app icons that don’t fit on the taskbar into a 3-dots menu, known as taskbar overflow, here is how you can enable it Windows 11 22h2 build 22621. The feature will be available to you out of the box in October.

What’s your take on Windows 11’s Taskbar Overflow design? Have you liked it? Let us know in the comments below.

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