How to Enable or add Search bar to Windows 11 taskbar

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After Search highlights and testing the Search box on Desktop at the center in Windows 11, Microsoft is experimenting with Windows 10 like Search bar or Search box on the new OS taskbar. Here is how you can enable it right now in Windows 11.


  • Windows 11 may replace the Search icon on the taskbar with a Search bar
  • This change reminisces Windows 10 look.
  • Microsoft is currently looking to do this in Windows 11 insider build 25136
  • The company hasn’t officially announced it yet, but users can enable it and have a chance to see what Windows 11 looks like with the Search bar in the taskbar.

Windows 11 could get a search bar on the taskbar

Microsoft has made Windows 11 look great with a centered start menu and taskbar, File Explorer Tabs, and it updated most of the inbox apps such as Paint, Notepad, Photos, and others to match with the design of the new OS.

Windows 11 and Windows 10 don’t have drastic changes, so the Windows 10 users upgrading to the new OS may take less time to adapt to it.

When comes to Windows 10, there is always a search bar or Search box on the taskbar, Windows 11 lacks that, Micorsoft is now trying to add that.

Windows 11 with Search icon and Search bar on taskbar

Enable Windows 10 like Search bar on the taskbar in Windows 11

  1. Download Vivetool from Github
  2. Extracts its files to a folder.
  3. Open command window in elevated privileges
  4. Copy and paste the ViveTool path
  5. Run the command .\vivetool /enable /id:39072097 /variant:1
    enable Search bar on taskbar Windows 11
    For different variant values, different versions of the search bar will be displayed. on taskbar
    For instance, using 2 results in a button with the search word
    3, displays a button with a magnifying glass with a globe inside it
    4 displays a button with a globe and a small magnifying glass.
    shows Search the web button
  6. Open Task Manager and restart Windows Explorer Process

Note: Reboot your computer if you don’t see the Search bar immediately.

After this, a Search box appears on the lower left of the screen.

As of writing, hovering over the search bar does not show recent Searches.

Till now, you can search in Windows 11 by opening the Start menu or by pressing the Win+ key. This can now be accomplished by clicking on the Search bar. You can hide it if you don’t like it with the following steps.

Hide the search bar in Windows 11

  1. Right-click on the taskbar
  2. Select Taskbar Settings
  3. Under Personalization > Taskbar
  4. Disable or Toggle the “Search” swtich to off.

Disable or remove the Search bar in Taskbar in Windows 11

  1. Download and Extract Vive Tool files to a folder
  2. Open command prompt as administrator
  3. Copy and paste Vive Tool in the command window
  4. Run the following command
    .\vivetool /disable /id:39072097
    disable or remove Search bar taskbar Windows 11(1)

Note: You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Caution: ViveTool is a third-party app, use it at your own risk.

Final words:

Windows 11 sports a new centered Start Menu and taskbar. The new OS shows a Search icon on the toolbar for users to open and use Windows Search, whereas Windows 10 comes with a Search bar on the taskbar. Microsoft may have plans to bring the Search bar to Taskbar in Windows 11.

What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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