Windows 11 gets Animated Icons in Settings, how to enable

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Recently we reported that Microsoft is experimenting with new taskbar animations in Windows 11, another new feature testing being carried out by the software giant. This time in Settings App where Icons animate when you click respective sections. Here is how you can enable icon animations to the Settings app in Windows 11.

You can see special animations and animation effects already in Windows 11.

For instance, you can notice the animation when you minimize and maximize the Settings app or File Explorer.

When it comes to icons, you can see an icon bounces down when you minimize the window and bounces up while you maximize or restore.

Windows 11 Settings may newly receive animated icons for navigations that appear on the left side, here is how you can enable the feature right now.

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How to Enable Icon animations in Windows 11 Settings

  1. Download ViveTool from Github
  2. Extract files to a folder
  3. Open command prompt or Terminal as Administrator
  4. Right click on extract ViveTool folder and copy path and paste in the command window
  5. Run the following command to enable the Settings app with animated icons and press Enter.
    vivetool /enable /id:34878152
  6. Restart your computer, open the Settings App, and try to navigate through various sections right from system to Windows Update by clicking on each.

To disable icon animations in Windows 11 Settings again, run the following command and reboot your computer.

vivetool /disable /id:34878152

Note: As of writing the feature is available hidden in Windows 11 22H2 build 25188.

Keep in mind, Windows 11 insider builds, especially in dev channel builds Micorosft works on various new features.

These are experimental, sometimes not announced, and being A/B tested on insiders.

According to Rafael who spotted the new feature, the Microsoft design team calls these “delightful: unexpected moments of joy with purpose.”
What do you say about this? Do you like to see the icon animations in Windows 11 Settings  Let us know in the comments below.

Take this news with a pinch of salt, there is no guarantee this may make it into the production build.

Final words:

Microsoft is testing animated icons in the navigation bar of the Settings App in Windows 11. The article describes the instructions required to enable the feature.

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