How to copy a file or folder path in Windows 11 using Shortcut

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Windows 11 introduces the “Copy as path” option in the context menu for faster copying of a file’s full path and even better, Microsoft is offering a keyboard shortcut for the same to copy the path to Windows Clipboard.

If you’re using Windows Operating System, now and then, you may have to copy a file path to other applications. Generally, users tend to copy and paste file or folder paths in command prompt or Windows PowerShell or  Run dialogs.


What is the meaning of Copy as path in Windows 11?

What is copy as a path? Is it different from Copy?

Copy as path is a new context menu option introduced in Windows 11 by Microsoft. It allows you to copy the full path of files and folders into the clipboard, you can copy this into applications like Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell, or Notepad.

When you use the copy as the path option, the file or folder path will be available to paste with quotes in the text area.

Copy as path is different to copy. Former allows copying the whole path where latter copies contents.

How to copy a file path in Windows 10

In Windows 10, to get the file or folder complete path,

  1. You need to select that file or folder,
  2. Hold the Shift button, right-click and select “Copy as path”.

There are even third-party apps available to make this task easier.

Microsoft has simplified the process of copying a file path in Windows 11 by adding the “copy as path” option in the context menu.  Moreoever, the company has assigned a new keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+C for the same option.

How to copy a File or Folder full Path in Windows 11

Here, we show two methods: using the context menu option and keyboard shortcut

Method 1:

  1.  Navigate to the directory or file you want to copy the path
  2. Select it and right-click and click “Copy as path” to copy to the clipboard
    Windows 11 copy as path context menu option

Method 2:

  1. Locate and select a file or folder
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+C on the keyboard to copy the path to the clipboard

Windows 11 copy as path feature and using its shortcut in action

If you see the above instructions, you can see, you can use either the right-click menu option or copy as a path keyboard shortcut.

Do note, that while the former is available in product builds, the latter is still present in the dev channel and may make its way to stable build in the future.

Note: The copied path includes quotes, you may have to remove them manually when pasting them into Windows Explorer address bar or notepad, or other applications. Otherwise, this opens the default web browser.

Microsoft has modernized right-click context menus in Windows 11. A lot of unnecessary options or clutter have been removed.

Still, new context menus are a pain, where, you need to select “Show more options” more times to access legacy context menus in case of certain Programs. We’ve covered how to disable Windows 11 new context menus and restore the old context menu, have a look at that.

But, we feel, that Copy as path keyboard shortcut is a nice addition to Windows 11, What do you say?

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