Increase Privacy in Windows 11 w/ O&O ShutUp10++

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Microsoft has released Windows 11 a day early before October 5. About time, O&O software has updated its Windows Privacy tool, O&O ShutUp10++ (formerly known as O&O ShutUp10) with Windows 11 support and several settings and dark mode.

Windows 11 Privacy Settings

Windows 11 comes with a new UI, centered taskbar and start menu, new Microsoft Store, modern context menus, etc, Everything may feel new and refreshed, but It is unfortunate that Privacy settings in Windows 10 are carried forward into the new OS as well. Data collection, telemetry, advertising ID, granting apps location, and others exist in Windows 11 also.

Since the Windows 11 announcement to till release, Microsoft has never talked about privacy in the new OS.

Windows 11 privacy settings 1

Windows 11 has been discussed among the users about TPM 2.0, secure boot requirements, security, and other features, but

  • Windows 11 Home still requires an online account to install
  • The new OS still collects diagnostic data.
  • Android apps coming to OS may raise privacy concerns even more.
    Windows 11 privacy settings 2

Microsoft may not promise privacy improvements in Windows 11, but by using third-party tools available online you can protect your privacy and control how much data goes to the Redmond firm.

O&O Shutup10++ is available for Windows 11

The popular Windows Privacy Tool from O&O Software is now available and works on Windows 11 also.

First and foremost, tool UI and usage are pretty simple.

The tool allows you to enable “recommended settings”, and you can undo them with a single click.

The settings you apply to your device using ShutUp++ can be enabled on other devices.  For that, you need to “Export settings” in the File menu.

If you’ve used O&O ShutUp on Windows 10, using it on Windows 11  becomes a tad easier.

To sum up about O&O ShutUp10++

  • Its works on Windows 11
  • Supports dark mode
  • Allows you to turn off Windows 11 features that you don’t like. For instance, you can disable Cortana on the lock screen and Microsoft Edge’s shopping features.
  • Makes it hard for Microsoft to collect your personal data
  • Doesn’t require installation, download, and run, that’s it.
  • The tool reveals more information when you click on a setting.
  • It may be fine for you to go with Recommended (green) Settings, but not with limited (yellow) and no (orange) Settings

O&O Shutup10++ for Windows 11

What’s new in O&O ShutUp10+ version 1.9.1424

  1. Disable Cortana above the lock screen
  2. Disable shopping assistant in Microsoft Edge
  3. Disable the ability for apps to take screenshots on the device & for the current user
  4. Disable the ability for apps to take screenshots without borders and margins on this device and for the current user
  5. Disable app access to music libraries on the device and for the current user
  6. Disable app access to the downloads folder on the device and for the current user
  7. Disable the standard app for the headset button

You can download O&O Shutup10++ from the O&O Software website.

Note: Always create a system restore point before making changes.

Closing words:

The Privacy settings in Windows 11 are buried deep. Don’t worry!  You can now use Shutup10++ to turn them off to ensure Windows 11 sends less information about you to Microsoft.

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