Hands on Windows 11’s Redesigned Paint App

Image about Hands on Windows 11’s Redesigned Paint App

With Windows 11 launch a few days away, Microsoft has sped shipping new apps. Till now, the company has released Photos, a Clock app, a Snipping tool, Tips App, and more, now, it has started rolling out a newly redesigned Paint app it has teased sometime back to insiders in the Dev channel.

The Microsoft Paint app comes with Windows by default, it exists since Windows 95. In the days where people use Photoshop and Canva, the legacy app continues to present, it got a major update in Windows 11. The users still love the MS Paint tool, so does Redmond firm.

Windows 11 new Paint App


  1. Microsoft has completely redesigned Paint app UI to match the visual design of Windows 11. The app design includes rounded corners, a Mica material effect, and more.
  2. Similar to redesigned Photos App, you’ll notice the Paint toolbar has been updated with icons, a rounded color palette and brushes, stoke size, and flip/rotate controls in the toolbar feature new drop-down menus.
  3. It also features a text tool that lets you add text to images. To give it a try, click on the ‘A’ toolbar icon.

    Windows 11 new Paint App

    Windows 11 new Paint App makes it easier to add text to images

  4. When you install the Paint update from Microsoft Store in Windows 11, it replaces Classic Paint App.
  5. Most of the options and controls on the ribbon UI of the Windows 10 Paint App have been kept.


  • The updated Paint app wastes lots of screen space
  • Doesn’t support Windows 11 dark mode.

Windows 11 Paint App and Paint3D

Your device will no longer include the following apps when you Clean install Windows 11

It’s interesting, Microsoft has chosen to keep Paint App, but not Paint3D.

Classic Paint vs Windows 11 Paint:

For you to understand the changes between Classic and Windows 11 Paint Apps, we’ve put them together in one picture below.

Classic and Windows 11 redesigned Paint App in one picture

We’re not sure Microsoft has enough time to bring this to Beta and Release Preview insider and then to Windows 11 public release on October 5.

On the other hand, Microsoft started making huge changes to Windows 11 Store to allow third-party stores. Yes, Micorsoft Store will get Amazon and Epic Games Store, and it is also set to receive Discord, Opera, Wikipedia, Libreoffice, and other new apps.

Amazon Store listing indicates soon Windows 11 insiders will get Android apps.

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