Chrome gets Windows 11 design improvements for Menus

Image about Chrome gets Windows 11 design improvements for Menus

Latest Google Chrome 94 that was released a while back works alright on Windows 11. With new Windows OS set to arrive on October 5th, Google has stepped into making its Chrome browser UI elements to match Windows 11 design, this includes rounded corners, possible mica material effect, and more. Like Microsoft Edge, Chrome may not get completely overhauled UI for dialogs, context menus, application menu, buttons, and browser window, the Chromium team is working on updating menus first in Chrome 96 Canary.

Chrome 3-dot menu with rounded corners before and after

Windows 11 comes with a modern design, the design changes appear across the OS. Microsoft has released updated apps such as Paint, Clock app, Photos, Tips to match with Windows 11 design changes already.  Microsoft Edge, including Web Widget, got the design improvements and the Overlay scrollbar to be consistent with OS Design.

Chrome context menu rounded corners before and after

Now, Google has started working on overhauling Chrome context menus to look like Windows 11. Yes, the company’s plan is to make its browser native on new Windows.

Chrome tab context menu rounded corners before and after

To see Chrome with Windows 11 styled menus

  1. Launch Chrome browser
  2. Search for “Windows 11, for “Windows 11 Style Menus“, in the dropdown, select “Enabled
    Chrome Windows 11 Style Menus flag
  3. Restart browser.

If you’re running Chrome on Windows 10 or older versions, Google allows you to apply Windows 11 changes to those versions as well, you need to select the “Enabled-all Windows versions” option for the same.

We’re not sure Google may get the changes ready for Windows 11 launch which is 4 days away, however, you’re guaranteed to see the changes in Canary verison first like other features.

Google Chrome may appear in Windows 11 Microsoft Store soon

Microsoft has opened gates for non-MS browsers to enter into Windows 11 Store. Edge, Opera, and Yandex browser already made into it and available for install.

When a user upgrades to Windows 11, he no longer needs to fire up Edge and download Chrome, he can just open Store, search and get the app like any other. The app may update automatically on its own.

Closing words:

Google is updating the Chrome interface to match Windows 11 design language. The menus get rounded corners and it’s also possible for Chrome to get mica material effect and other visual changes that make it look native on new Windows.

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