Chrome Warns of Progressive Web App Icon change

Image about Chrome Warns of Progressive Web App Icon change

Chrome and Microsoft Edge came a long way in supporting Progressive Web Apps. From installing Web apps to making them more native, Microsoft and Google have worked together. These two Chromium browsers now ensure users receive a warning when a PWA tries to update its icon or name.

Why use a Progressive Web App on the computer?

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide quick access and additional functionality such as offline support, notifications, etc.
  • They’re responsive, fit, and work on any device.
  • Installable, Offer app-like native experience and are Safe to use.
  • Always up to date, works on even slow networks and offline, thanks to service workers.
  • Creates an engaging experience for users
  • Desktop Progressive Web Apps got the capability to run at login and are available for immediate use. Chrome and Edge both support this.
  • They’re like native apps on Windows 10 with Jumplist support.
  • You’re familiar to know PWA without the address bar or tabs. but, Chrome and Edge desktop PWAs support tabs.

If you visit chrome://flags and search for PWA, you notice the huge list of flags, this indicates Google is working to add more features for PWAs.

Chrome and Edge asks confirmation for the PWA Icon change

A part of that is informing users that Progressive Web App is trying to update its icon. Chrome and Edge warn like this when the users visit the PWA site.

“Review icon update. If this Web app is trying to trick into thinking its a different app, uninstall it”

The dialog also cautions users to uninstall the app if it is tricking as a different app.

Chrome asks to reveiw Progressive Web App icon update

You need to turn on the “PWA install update dialog for name/icon changes” flag to experience this with PWA in Chrome and Edge web browsers.

Enable PWA install update dialog for name icon changes flag

Which PWAs do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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