Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs gains a Keyboard Shortcut

Image about Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs gains a Keyboard Shortcut

After Collections, Vertical Tabs is the unique feature Microsoft Edge has got. In addition to Tab groups, the feature makes tab management easier. As usual, Microsoft is acting on feedback received from users. To the latest, the company added a much-requested Keyboard shortcut for Vertical Tabs to the Edge browser.

If you open plenty of tabs in Edge on your wide monitor, you may find accessing the tabs from the left side in a sidebar more useful. This saves valuable screen space also.

Till now, Vertical Tabs comes with the following features:

Vertical Tabs Keyboard Shortcut is

With the introduction of the Tab Actions menu, Microsoft made it difficult to turn on Vertical Tabs. You need to click on the icon and select the option.

Or, you have to right-click on the tab bar.

Enabling or disabling or switching to Vertical Tabs with a Keyboard Shortcut would be nice.

Microsoft has provided that in the Canary 93 build of Edge.

And the Shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Comma.
Turn Vertical Tabs on or off with Keyboard Shortcut in Edge

What’s your compelling reason to use Vertical Tabs on Microsoft Edge? Let us know in the comments below.

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