Edge 92 makes it easier to load sites in Internet Explorer Mode

Image about Edge 92 makes it easier to load sites in Internet Explorer Mode

Microsoft is killing Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 next year on June 15. The company believes the new Microsoft Edge is the future. New Edge has Internet Explorer mode built-in to open IE sites and apps. Till now the user needs to go to More tools in the ellipsis menu to load a site in IE mode, in addition to that, Edge v92 provides toolbar and right-click options. Yep, IE mode is far more accessible or reachable now.

page loaded in IE Mode on new Edge

Easily open and close sites in IE Mode on Microsoft Edge 92

Encountered a site that requires Internet Explorer? In Edge, you can visit menu > More tools and select “Reload In Intenet Explorer Mode”.

To exit IE mode, either you can click Leave or select the option under the More tools menu again.

These steps require extra clicks. Follow the steps given below to avoid this tedious process.

  1. Ensure you’re using Edge 92, click on Settings, and more
  2. Select Default Browser
  3. Toggle “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode” to on
  4. Restart Edge.
  5. Visit Settings > Appearance and Enable “Show Internet Explorer Mode button”.
    Show Internet Explorer mode button setting

The button now appears on the toolbar.

To open a site with Internet Explorer compatibility, either

  • Right-click on the tab and select “Refresh tab in Internet explorer Mode“.
    refresh tab in Internet Explorer mode option
  • or click on the IE mode icon on the toolbar.
    Internet Explorer Mode button on toolbar Edge v92

To exit from Internet Explorer mode

  • Right-click on the page and select “Exit tab from Internet Explorer Mode
  • or click on the IE mode toolbar icon.

If the need arises on Edge to open a site in Internet Explorer, you may found the above steps more useful when compared with Previous versions of Edge.

According to the Edge release schedule,  Micorosft Edge 92 is expected to available to the public in the week of Jul 22.

Have you ever used IE mode on Edge? Let us know in the comments below.

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