Microsoft Edge now tells which Passwords are reused or weak

Image about Microsoft Edge now tells which Passwords are reused or weak

Microsoft Edge Password Manager gets an exciting upgrade. Edge with new Password Health feature warns if your passwords stored to it are leaked or reused or weak. You can able to easily change affected passwords from the Password management page.
Edge reveals number of leaked weak and resused passwords

Till now, Microsoft Edge can

  • Suggest and generate strong and unique passwords
  • Alert if your passwords are Compromised
  • lets you perform an audit on Passwords saved to Edge.
  • Provide an additional security layer to your passwords stored on the device through user authentication.

Microsoft Edge’s Password Health feature

Google Chrome comes integrated with Password Leak Detection and lets you scan for weak Passwords including with Safety Check.

Microsoft Edge Password Monitor notifies if it finds your Passwords are compromised. Microsoft is now expanding Password security in Edge even further with the Password Health column.

Edge now displays which passwords are reused and weak when you visit the edge://settings/passwords page.
options for each Password edge

For each saved password, Edge shows the Health column and allows to change unsafe passwords.
Password Health column Edge

You can sort the passwords alphabetically based on Health or website. You can choose Edge to show only leaked or resued or weak passwords.

Expect Edge to scan for newly added passwords and inform you of their status.

You can disable and re-enable the Health column, just toggle the ” Show health” switch for that.

The feature is rolling out to users in Edge canary 93.0.

Bonus: Edge now allows to import and export passwords from/to a CSV file. Click the “More actions” three-dot icon and choose the desired option.

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