Edge Dev nags users for Personalized ads on Microsoft Services

Image about Edge Dev nags users for Personalized ads on Microsoft Services

Back in March, we reported Microsoft was testing a setting that allows sharing Edge browser data with Windows 10. With the setting turned on in Edge Dev, Microsoft is now seeking user consent to use browsing activity to personalize Microsoft Edge and Microsoft services such as Search, shopping, News, and Ads.
Microsoft Edge asks to allow Microsoft to use browsing activity for personalization

Most users dislike data collection and telemetry. Microsoft Edge is now joining with Windows 10 to annoy users even more than that.

The controversial “share browsing data with other windows” option can be found and enabled in Profiles Settings.

The feature describes it will be useful to find Edge history, favorites from Windows Search on the taskbar.

With the setting enabled, Edge 92 Dev is showing this message on the startup of the browser.

Share browsing data with other Windows features setting

The pop up is simply asking for permission that allows Microsoft to use your browsing activity including history, favorites, usage, and other browser data to show relevant content on Edge for

  • Bing Search results
  • Price comparisons and coupons for more savings
  • News Stories
  • Ads: products based on your interests.

If you click confirm, you’ll be opted into sharing your Edge browsing activity with Microsoft for showing personalized ads and search results.

The software giant Microsoft is following the Chrome model for Edge here.

If you sign in to Google Chrome with Google Account, you’ll be signed in to all Google Services such as Gmail, Google search, and others. These services can see what you browse.

Similarly, if you sign into Edge with Microsoft Account, Microsoft will utilize browser data tied with the account to personalize content it shows across Microsoft services.

According to the Microsoft Edge Release schedule, Edge 92 is expected to available on the “week of 22-Jul-2021”.

What do you say about this? Are you in favor of or against this change? Let us know in the comments below.

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