Microsoft Edge lets you restore multiple Tabs from History Menu/Page

Image about Microsoft Edge lets you restore multiple Tabs from History Menu/Page

New Microsoft Edge is getting better and better with every update. Recently we reported, Edge to let you move tabs between profiles, Microsoft today added another feature where it groups recently closed tabs and allow you to restore them at once from the History page or the submenu available in the ellipsis menu.

To reopen a recently closed tab in Edge, you either need to right-click on a tab and select “Reopen closed Tab” or use the universal shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T that works in other browsers also.

If you’ve closed a bunch of tabs by selecting “Close tabs to right” or “Close other tabs” in the tab context menu, then restoring them at once is not possible.

For a few days, the Microsoft Edge team is working on the “Tab Controller” feature. The feature when enabled, groups the multiple tabs you’ve closed in the History, all you need do is to select them to reopen in a new window.

group of closed tabs in History menu Edge

You can also restore tabs by visiting the edge://history page. This gives more control.

Restore Recently closed tabs

Enable Tab Controller feature in Edge browser

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Visit edge://flags page
  3. Search for “Tab Close Controller”
    Tab Close Controller flag in Edge
  4. Click on the dropdown arrow and select Enabled
  5. Restart the browser.

The feature is available in Edge Canary 88.0.702.0 and is working when the above flag is enabled.

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