Microsoft rolling out Full Page Screenshot feature to Edge Canary users

Image about Microsoft rolling out Full Page Screenshot feature to Edge Canary users

With new Edge widely available, Microsoft is killing Edge Legacy, before that, the company is bringing most of the features from the Edge predecessor to Successor. New Edge received the Web Notes tool in the form of Web Capture. The feature in Canary now allows users to take a screenshot of the full webpage, in addition to adding notes.

Microsoft likes to test new features in Edge by rolling out to a small subset of users. This is called Controlled Feature rollouts. Like other Edge features, the company brought Web Capture to users in Canary and dev channels.

So far, in Microsoft Edge Dev/Canary

  • You can quickly take a page screenshot even while scrolling
  • Add ink to it
  • Save the screenshot after annotating
  • Share it with others.

Another addition to Web Capture is the ability to take full-page capture, this is now available to everyone in Canary, which is a CFR some days back.

Full Page Screencapture option in Edge Web Cpature

To capture a Full webpage in Edge

  1. Launch new Edge browser
  2. Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S or select the Web Capture option in the ellipsis menu
  3. Select “Full Page” instead of “Free Select”
  4. Draw or highlight and share or save the whole page screenshot locally to your device.

This is the screenshot capturing and editing experience in the Edge browser.

Firefox has also screenshots feature so as in Vivaldi and Opera. In Chrome, you may need to install an extension or use the screen capture program installed on your computer to capture the screen.

What’s your take on Edge providing the ability to take whole page screenshots? Have you liked it? Let us know in the comments below.

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