Microsoft Edge Canary allows to move tabs between different profiles

Image about Microsoft Edge Canary allows to move tabs between different profiles

April 30, 2021 Update: Microsoft Edge is about to make moving tabs between windows and different profiles a lot easier than before with the new “Move tab to” menu item in the tab context menu. The feature is available behind a flag in Edge Canary, here is how you can enable and make use of it.

Microsoft Edge new move tab option in context menu

With Microsoft Edge, if you’ve plenty of tabs open, Edge allows moving an active tab to a new window or another open window.

If you’ve set up multiple profiles in Edge, the browser allows sending tabs to different profile windows when you use the option in the tab context menu.

In both instances, you need to right-click the tab and select “Move tab to new window” and “Move tab to profile window”.

Enable new design for Move tab context menu item on Microsoft Edge

  1. Ensure you’re using Edge Canary 92.0.866.0 or later
  2. visit edge://flags
  3. Find  and enable “Move tab context menu item new design”
    Edge Move tab new design flag
  4. Restart the browser

Original article follows:

Microsoft Edge’s Profile feature lets you separate your work and personal browsing data. Like Chrome, Edge supports multiple profiles. Microsoft has improved Edge profiles and today, the company has taken a step towards moving tabs to a different profile window in the Canary version.

Till now, Microsoft Edge

  • Lets you create different profiles for your needs
  • lets you use a dedicated profile to open links
  • Supports automatic profile switching for multiple profile users to ensure relevant links to open in a relevant profile by prompting

For a single profile, Edge already allows moving tabs to the desired window. To do this, hold the shift button and select some tabs, right-click and select “move tabs to window ” and choose a window from open Windows listed to move tabs to.

In addition to the above, Edge allows the transferring of tabs to another profile.

Move tab (s) to profile window context menu option Edge

Enable move tabs to a different profile window feature in Edge browser

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Visit edge://flags page
  3. Search for “Enable move tabs to a different profile window”
    Enable move tabs to different profile window flag in Edge
  4. Click on the dropdown arrow and select “Enabled”
  5. Restart the browser

As of now, the option to move selected tabs to a different Edge profile window isn’t appearing in the tab context menu after enabling the flag. Expect it to appear there or somewhere in the browser UI soon with the next updates.

With the above flag enabled, the option to Move tab to a profile window is now appearing in Edge Canary 89.0.711.0 when you right-click on a tab.

To move multiple tabs to another profile window, as we said above, hold the Shift button and select the tabs, right-click on selected tabs to notice “Move tabs to Profile 2 profile window”.

Do you use multiple profiles in the Edge browser? Whats’ your take on this? Which feature do you want Microsoft to address related to profiles? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Leo.

Editors note: The article was originally published on November 13 and updated on November 24 and April 30, 2021.

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