Chrome to support Text Suggestions for hardware keyboard in Windows 10

Image about Chrome to support Text Suggestions for hardware keyboard in Windows 10

Is it Microsoft’s move to Chromium that made Google to add support for more Windows 10 features to Chrome browser? After dark mode, Tab previews, Reader Mode, guys, Chrome now has its eyes on ‘Show text suggestions as I type’ feature. The feature available from Windows 10 1803 and supported in Microsoft Edge, when enabled for the hardware keyboard, works in Firefox and in other apps as well but not in Google browser as we noticed in our testing.

If you’re not aware of text suggestions feature, which is buried in Typing Settings in Windows 10, we also don’t know about that as well until we came across this bug and here is how you can enable it.

Enable Text Suggestions feature in Windows 10

Edge Text Suggestions Chrome

1. On Windows 10, click on start,

2. Type ‘Show text suggestions as I type’

3. Select the best result,

4. Scroll down and under Hardware keyboard, toggle ‘Show text suggestions as I type’ to ‘On’

Note: the feature only works if Keyboard language set to English (US).

Now in Chrome, if you visit Omnibox or text fields in websites and type something, text suggestions should pop up as you type, as they did in Firefox for us (check the screenshot below) which not the case in Chrome.

text suggestions in Firefox

Chromium developers yet to start to work on this, so talking about ETA when it available is not possible, stay tuned for updates on this.

Update March 30, 2019:Microsoft brings Text Suggestions for Hardware keyboard to Chrome and Chromium Edge on Windows 10

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