Firefox 98 arriving today: here is what’s new, changed and Fixed

Image about Firefox 98 arriving today: here is what’s new, changed and Fixed

Mozilla to release Firefox 98 later today with huge changes to download behavior on desktop. Firefox on Android to receive new wallpapers for the homepage. You can change them with a single tap on the Firefox logo. Here is what’s new and changed and fixed in this update.

Firefox 98

What’s new:

The much-expected optimized download flow changes were skipped at the last minute in Firefox 97 and have landed in Firefox 98.

Firefox 98 released with download behavior changes and new wallpapers for Android

RIP Download dialog

When you download files, you’ll no longer be prompted with a dialog to Save files or cancel, instead they’ll be downloaded automatically and shown up in the Downloads panel.

With each download, the downloads Panel opens by default. Mozilla believes this reduces the number of prompts you need to handle and makes it easy to download files.

Files downloaded will be saved to a hard disk.

Check How to restore the download Prompt in Firefox 98 here.

Default Search engine changes:

This update may change your default search engine. It is unclear which search engine was affected by this change. But Mozilla cites the reason that it “was unable to secure formal permission to continue including certain search engines in Firefox.”


  • Firefox now allows setting a default app to open the file type.
  • After updating to Firefox version 98, “Always ask” download actions will now be reset.

Firefox 98 for Android: You’re a tap away from changing homepage wallpapers

Firefox for Android has gained new wallpapers.

Firefox allows you to cycle through wallpapers by tapping on the Firefox logo and updating the image without leaving your homepage.

Like the Colorways themes collection, these wallpapers may be available for a limited time period, so use them before they expire.

Here’s how you can change wallpaper from the home screen in Firefox on Android

  1.  Tap on the Firefox logo once in the top left corner of your homepage
  2.  You can able to cycle through wallpaper with a single tap
    Firefox 98 Android wallpapers

You can also change the wallpaper from the menu. Visit Settings > Homepage and tap wallpapers.
available wallpapers in Firefox Android Homepage Settings

You can check this version full changelog over here later.

What’s your take on download behavior changes and new Android Homepage Wallpapers? Which color wallpaper do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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