Mozilla Firefox introduces ‘Colorways’ themes

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Firefox comes with a default system theme with optional light, dark, and alpenglow themes. Apart from these, Mozilla has launched “Vibrant new” Colorways themes in Firefox 95 Nightly. The organization is targetting the new themes for Firefox 94.

How to install themes in Firefox

Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox support installing themes to change its appearance. You can install new themes for Firefox from over 12k available in the Mozilla add-ons store.

When you install a new theme, it changes the Firefox color scheme and toolbar background image.

To personalize your Firefox browser with default or third-party themes

  • Click on menu, select Add-ons and themes
  • Select Light or Dark or Firefox Alpenglow.
  • If you don’t like these themes, visit AMO and pick the one you love, and click Install.

You can manage Firefox themes by going to Add-ons Manager.

A year back, Firefox 81 received the Alpenglow theme, now Mozilla is adding, even more, Colorway themes. The company is asking users to explore new themes by saying “Life in color. Vibrant new Colorways. Available for a limited time“.

Colorways themes in Firefox

New Colorways themes in Firefox

With the addition of plenty of other color themes of Colorways, you have now more ways to personalize the experience.

With the future Firefox version, you’ll have the option to choose from default, light, and dark, Alpenglow, and following Colorways themes.

  • Abstract
  • Cheers
  • Elemental
  • Foto
  • Graffiti
  • Lush

For each of the above, Firefox provides Soft, Balanced, and bold versions.

This is how Firefox looks when various Colorways themes enabled

You can enable any of the above-mentioned by selecting Add-ons and themes in the hamburger menu.

Key points about Colorways Themes collection:

When you upgrade to Firefox 94, a spotlight notification will be displayed to choose a color from 18 available Colorways themes. If you explore and save a colorway, the theme will be applied to Firefox. You can go and manage colorways including other themes by visiting menu > Add-ons and themes> Themes. For instance, you can choose another color or disable the present colorway.

Colorways Available for a limited time means they’ll be accessible in Firefox 94 and Firefox 95. The colorways collection is opt-in and you can’t get them in Firefox 96.
If you save any Colorway now, it will be carried forward and comes with you when you update to Firefox 96

In Firefox 95, the customize toolbar has been updated with a direct link to “manage themes” in the Add-ons manager.

There used to be a “Themes” section displaying available in Firefox to check browser appearance upon selection. This is no longer possible with more themes available with the launch of Colorways or they may appear later.

Note: Firefox used to support complete themes, they’ve been replaced in lightweight themes within the browser as well as on AMO.

What’s your take on Colorways themes in Firefox? Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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