Microsoft Edge may get beautiful Bing’s Daily Image & Search Widgets on Android

Image about Microsoft Edge may get beautiful Bing’s Daily Image & Search Widgets on Android

After bringing Edge bar in Microsoft Edge on desktop and Widgets on Windows 11, the company has started testing new Widgets for Microsoft Edge on Android. Bing‘s daily image, Quick search, and Trending hint widgets features are taking the part in the experiment. Widgets in Edge for Android may require you to be using Microsoft Launcher on your smartphone.

Recently we reported Micorsoft Edge for Android may get some cool new features. For instance, we told you it could get bing Notifications, Surf game on New Tab Page, and supports Read aloud in the background. The latter has been available out of the box in Edge 100 Dev on Android… Now Widgets are available.

Microsoft Edge Android Bing Daily Image widget

Enable Bing Search or daily image widgets in Microsoft Edge on Android

  1. Open Edge browser
  2. Head to edge://flags page
  3. Search for “Widget” and enable the following corresponding flags and restart the browser
    Bing Search Widget Promote
    Bing Daily Image Search Widget
    Bing Trending Search Widget
    Bing Widgets flags Edge Android

Note: The experimental features are available in Edge 100 Dev and Canary versions.

After completing the above steps, when you open a new tab or visit Bing or a random page, you could be prompted to add “Quick Search” or “Widget with daily image” to the home screen. Allow either, following this, you’ll be asked to permit Microsoft Launcher to create a Widget and allow accessing data that it displays.
Edge Bing Search Widget Android

You can remove the Widgets created in this fashion from Microsoft Edge, like any other Widget on Android from Home Screen.

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