Microsoft Edge Web Widget gets Visual Refresh for Windows 11

Image about Microsoft Edge Web Widget gets Visual Refresh for Windows 11

Microsoft is offering overwhelming information on Weather and news through Windows 10 taskbar and Windows 11 Widgets, it also introduced “Microsoft Start” recently for the same. Not to be forgotten about Web Widget in Microsoft Edge, it too displays up-to-minute information on weather, news, sports, stocks, and more. Today, the Web Widget got a visual refresh with Windows 11 look and tabs support, and much more. It looks beautiful and awesome with new design changes.

Web Widget in Microsoft Edge

While working in Edge, you can able to quickly glance and see updated information on stocks, news, weather, sports, and more by launching Web Widget. The Widget can be opened from the More tools submenu or by visiting its section in Settings. You can set it to automatically launch each time you log in to Windows, you can also pin it taskbar.

Web Widget opens in the vertical layout by default, you can switch to Search only layout. When minimized, to return to feed quickly, you can enable the floating button. The floating button in the form of the Edge icon appears on top of all app Windows, so you can easily restore it even when using other web browsers and Windows apps

You can customize the Widget’s feed appearance by visiting this link, you need to be signed in to your Microsoft Account for this.

Micorsoft Edge Web Widget gets Windows 11 look and feel, and Tabs

With Windows 11 launch nearby,  Microsoft has already updated inbox apps such as Photos, Snip and Sketch, Tips App, Feedback hub, and others. As Microsoft Edge already received Windows 11 visual design changes and a modern scrollbar, now Web Widget is getting updated with Windows 11 mica material effect, rounded corners, and other features.

Microsoft Edge Web Widget with Windows 11 look and feel

Edge Web Widget now comes to News, Bing, Outlook, Linkedin sites pinned to the sidebar by default. Iit allows you to add your favorite websites and browse articles straight from inside of it.  Click on + sign on the side, type URL and name, done.

add a new tab to Edge Web widget

Click on the tab to access, links will open in separate tabs in Edge browser. Web Widget shows back, forward, navigation options at the bottom including the ability to open in Microsoft Edge browser.

Edge web widget with navigation buttons at bottom

The above changes to Edge Web Widget can be seen in the latest Canary version 96.

Web Widget’s Adblocker issue

We noticed Widget has some issues with Ad blocking extensions, it may not work unless you disable those extensions. If it is working fine, then you don’t need to make any changes to Edge, you can keep using the web Widget like before.

Do you use Micorsoft Edge Web Widget? What’s your take on the latest changes it is getting? Let us know in the comments below.

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