Mozilla starts to fix bugs discovered in Firefox 55 by releasing dot versions. After Firefox 55.0.1 and Firefox 55.0.2, Mozilla has released Firefox 55.0.3, which has fixed two bugs: file uploads to some websites failed, including YouTube and all installed Add-ons gets disabled after restart when the Firefox Profile contains Non-ASCII characters. These issues have been addressed.

Firefox 55.0.3

Firefox 55.0.3 update is now available via automatic update and you can also visit Firefox website and download the same.

  • Fix file uploads to some websites, including YouTube (bug 1383518 -Uploading thumbnails to YouTube, picture to not working on Firefox 55+)
  • Fix an issue with add-ons when using a path containing non-ascii characters (bug 1389160 – All addons disabled after browser restart if path to firefox profile contains non-ascii characters.)

You can check the version 55.0.3 release notes here.