Currently Windows 10 has more bugs and issues, some can’t be solved even three weeks passed after the launch of new Windows, Microsoft still can’t find a fix for the error users having since the preview version. In Windows 10, Start Menu crashes for some and shows either of the following errors.

Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t workingWe’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.” Or “Critical Error – Your Start menu isn’t working.  We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.”

Signing out and restart works partially, even the PowerShell command fix we’ve covered seems not working for some users.

Permanent fix is not yet available

Microsoft is still singing the old song; they’re still investigating the issue and suggest affected users reported in a thread to prepare and send the dump files ,which helps their investigation. But a temporary workaround to throw the critical error out of the way for a while has been suggested, here it is:

Temporary fix for Start menu and Cortana’s critical error

“We are aware that some customers are experiencing this error, and are actively investigating. You may be able to temporarily resolve the issue by booting to Safe Mode, and then immediately booting back into normal mode. This workaround may resolve your problem for a while, however the error may return later.”

You need to boot into Safe mode with networking, then sign into your account in safe mode and restart your PC to return to a normal boot.

UPDATE:  To get into safe mode

  1. From Hold the Shift key down while you press the Power icon and select Restart.
  2. Once you are within the Windows Recovery Environment, select Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, thenStartup Settings, and Restart.
  3. When it restarts, you should see a number of options.  Press 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with networking.
  4. Once you sign into your account in Safe Mode, you’re done.  Just restart your PC to return to a normal boot.

UPDATE October 1, 2015: Microsoft has released cumulative update Kb3093266 to fix most of the issues with Start menu and Cortana. Install that update to improve Windows 10 stability and performance.

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