Here’s How to Change Notepad++ Tab Color

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Notepad++ Editor supports tabs. If you have multiple tabs open with different files and want to associate a particular color to tabs to identify or recognize from others, Notepad++ now allows you to natively do that with a new tab coloring option available in the context menu.


  1. You can now add color to individual tabs in Notepad++
  2. Colored tabs will be saved and available in the next session when you open Notepad++ next time.
  3. Tab coloring supports light and dark mode


Notepad++ supports multiple programming languages.

No wonder, most open PHP, text, and other language files and work on them in different tabs.

All tabs by default appear with a grey color and are difficult to distinguish.

How about applying a different color to each tab from various colors? The Colored Tabs feature is now available in Notepad++ v8.4.6 released on September 29, 2022:

How to add color to Tabs in Notepad++

  1. Launch Notepad++
  2.  Open a couple of files to test the feature.
  3. Right-click on the tab and select Apply Color to Tab

  4. Choose from various colors available:
    Apply Color1
    Apply Color2
    Apply Color3
    Apply Color4
    Apply Color5

You need to repeat the same for each and every tab you want to apply color in Notepad++.

How to Remove Color from Tabs in Notepad++

  1. Right-click on tab
  2. Hover over “Apply Color to Tab”
  3. Select Remove color
  4. Done

Removing colors if you’ve applied to multiple tabs could be a cumbersome job.

Above are instructions on how to apply and remove color to/from tabs in Notepad++. You can check out new features and important changes version 8.4.6 has brought to Notepad++

Notepad++ 8.4.6

What’s new:

  1. Add change History markers for document saved/unsaved/undone modification
  2. Add setting tab color ability
  3. Make the tab context menu less cluttered by adding a sub-menu.

You can download Notepad++ from here.

Final words:

Notepad++ latest release makes it easier to color individual tabs.

What’s your take on this? Do you use which text editor, Notepad or Notepad++? Let us know in the comments below.

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