Here’s How to insert date and time in Notepad++

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Notepad++ is an open-source code and text editor. It could be a most useful application than Windows Notepad. Notepad++  supports a lot of programming languages. If you wonder how to add date and time stamps to the end of each file opened in Notepad++, here is how you can do that.

insert date and time in Notepad++


Notepad++ supports macros and Plugins and Syntax highlighting.

It is a text editor like Notepad and is optimized for programming languages such as  XML, Python, CSS, HTML, Ruby, Pascal, Visual Basic more.

A simple and lightweight free application with an intuitive user interface loved and used by end-users as well as programmers.

How to add date and time in Notepad

The built-in Notepad in Windows lets you insert dates and timestamps into a text file. Here is how you can do it.

  • Launch Notepad
  • Place the mouse cursor where you want time and date to appear, click on Edit and select “Time/Date” or pressing the F5 keyboard shortcut will also do

Coming to Notepad++, you have to fall back on Plugins as the application natively doesn’t offer such an option or feature.

Insert date and time in Notepad++

First and foremost you can add features to Notepad++ using plugins. Notepad++ 64-bit verison no longer supports 32-bit Plugins, it supports 64-bit plugins only.

For some years, Notepad++ allowed adding date and time with the TextFX plugin, which no longer works in the application. Worry not! still, there is a simple way to achieve that.

  1. Download and install Notepad++ if you’ve not done already and launch it
  2. Click on Plugins and select Plugins Admin
  3. Scroll down until you notice “Notepad++ demo“, select it
    select Notepad++ Demo plugin
  4. Click Install, Click Yes for the plugin to install, Notepad++ will restart.

From now on, whenever you want to include time and date stamp in the Notepad++ file, place the cursor there and click on Plugins > Notepad++ Plugins Demo, select “Date Time -Short format” or Date Time -Long Format“.
Select Date Time short format or Date Time long format

You can check the result in the screenshot added above.

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