Microsoft Edge re-adds rounded Corners to tabs on Windows 11

Image about Microsoft Edge re-adds rounded Corners to tabs on Windows 11

Recently we reported Microsoft is working to bring Windows 11 visual effects such as mica to the Edge browser toolbar and title bar. In the latest update, Edge Canary has brought rounded corners to tabs, here is how you can enable the feature right now.

Microsoft Edge getting rounded corners foro tabs Windows 11

How to enable Rounded Corners for Tabs in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 11

  1. Open Edge browser
  2. Load edge://flags page
  3. Search for appearance, in the highlighted results, for “Show experimental appearance settings“, in the dropdown select Enabled
  4. Restart the browser.
  5. Click on the 3-dot menu icon and select Settings
  6. Visit Appearance
  7. Toggle “Use rounded corners for browser tabs (preview)” to enable.
    enable rounded corners for Tabs in Microsoft Edge
  8. Click on the Restart button to apply the changes to the Edge browser

After the restart, you can notice tabs being displayed with rounded corners.

In case you missed the news, Edge allows adding the mica effect to its title and toolbars. For this, you need to turn on the “Show Windows 11 visual effects in the title bar and toolbar (preview)” setting and restart the browser after that to apply changes.

The above visual changes may make Edge appear pretty and consistent with Windows 11 design, but they also can cause performance issues.

For instance, applying the changes may crash Edge more often. After all, Canary is bleeding edge where you get new features with risks involved.

Apart from that, Microsoft is giving full control over enabling or disabling Windows 11 design elements in the browser.

If you don’t want Microsoft Edge to appear with mica and rounded corners, you can visit appearance settings and toggle respective settings to turn off.

Windows 11 rounded corners and mica effects in Microsoft Edge are being tested in version 102. As per the release schedule, Edge 102 is expected to be available to the public in the week of May 26, 2022.

Note: These experimental features may not hit the version number mentioned in the article.

Final words: Microsoft Edge is undergoing another visual overhaul on Windows 11, after adding the mica effect, Microsoft is adding rounded corners to Edge tabs.

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