VLC 3.5 for Android adds new customizable Widgets and Foldable device support

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Back in September last year, VLC Player version 3.4 for Android was released with bookmarks and an Audio player redesign. Recently, the VLC player has received yet another major update in terms of new features and improvements. New version VLC 3.5 is not just a version bump, but it brings new Widgets with Material You support and video player enhancements. Check what’s new and improved in version 3.5 below.

VLC for Android 3.5

What’s new:

  1. Widgets have been reworked and are now fully customizable and support Material You Colors.
    VLC Player Android widgets material You colors support
  2. You’ll be able to create home shortcuts straight from videos.
  3. The Album view, audio list, and about screen have been revamped. For instance, with the changes, the album screen displays more information, and the about screen is also a lot clear.
  4. Player or video control Settings allows more customization. You can customize seek delays and improve the player experience by selecting the features your desire.
    VLC Android foldable device and tablet support
  5. This VLC Player Android version better detects tablet and foldale devices’ form factors and adapts to them.
    With improved foldable and tablet device support, App takes your notch into account as a result video size gets changed when you fold your device.
  6. Visual improvements in the audio player.
  7. Improved video ratio and notch management.
  8. Improved Keyboard shortcuts support.
  9. Playlists can now be searched.
  10. New option to add media shortcut to the launcher.
  11. Browse Playlists on Android TV.
  12. New Setting for replay gain.
  13. Supports VGM files.
  14. Network indexation is now stable: You can now able to index files from samba shares. While doing that, you will get network files in the video and audio screens of the app.
  15. The update comes with accessibility improvements.
  16. The version also improves video player performance where it uses fewer resources and you’ll get a better experience on older devices.
  17. VLC for Android is now updated to Android’s recent file permission changes. With this, the welcome screen is able to explain different Permission levels and what you can do and can’t.
    No Permission: You won’t be able to auto-discover your media. You will be able to only play streams or network media.
    Standard Android Permission: you are only able to auto-discover standard media files.
    Manage all files: you will be able to auto-discover all your files to play all types of media including compressed files.

How to update VLC to 3.5 on Android

You can visit Play Store and install a new release if available or you can manually download and install VLC 3.5 APK officially available from Videolan servers here.

VLC Android 3.5

What’s your take on VLC 3.5 for Android? Have you liked the new widgets and player improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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