VLC for Android 3.3 is out with modern look, bottom Navigation bar and more

Image about VLC for Android 3.3 is out with modern look, bottom Navigation bar and more

The Free and open source multimedia player, VLC is getting a third major update for version 3. VLC for Android 3.3 relaese announcement has been made by Videolan on its website and it will soon be available on Play Store. The update not only redesigns the player interface but also offers a navigation bar at the bottom for easy access to various buttons.

VLC for Android 3.3


  1. VLC for Android 3.3 is released today.
  2. Video player gets a new interface
  3. The navigation bar is now at the bottom for the best experience
  4. Share media with friends
  5. Create custom groups.
VLC for Android 3.3

VLC for Android 3.3

VLC Player is available on all platforms including Android TV, Android, and Chrome OS. While the previous version, VLC 3.2  for Android has adopted Google’s material guidelines, Videolan has gone further and introduced bottom navigation with 3.3 release.

VLC for Android’s navigation at the bottom improves

  • screen space and reduces the number of interactions to do a task
  • reachability of screens with larger devices

Here is what’s new according to Videolabs developer, Nicolas Pomepuy:.

  1. The new compact design makes it possible to find media more easily.
  2. Dark mode makes the dark theme completely dark
  3. The audio player displays the overall progress of the Play queue.
  4. Video player received a modern look due to demand from users.
  5. The lock player feature has been improved.
  6. The subtitle downloader has been improved.
  7. The AB repeat has been rewritten to make it easier to use.
  8. The release lets you create custom groups to ensure your videos are always at the right place
  9. Share the media with your friends

As of writing this article, the VLC 3.3 is not available on Play Store, it may show up sometime later today. Let us know your thoughts on VLC’s new UI and its bottom navigation in the comments below.

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