Firefox 99 is out, here is what’s new and changed

Image about Firefox 99 is out, here is what’s new and changed

Mozilla to release Firefox 99.0 later today for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here is what this version brings to the table in terms of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Firefox 99

What’s new:

  1. Firefox now allows to toggle narrate in Reader Mode with the Keyboard shortcut “n”.
  2. Mozilla added support for search -with or without diacritics- in the PDF Viewer.
  3. The update strengthens Linux Sandbox: The processes exposed to web content no longer have access to the X Window System (X11).
  4. Credit card autofill is now supported in Germany and France.

The update as usual addresses various security fixes. If you’re using Zoom, the “display of video is not always working with breakout rooms in gallery” is not fixed by Mozilla in this version.

Mozilla release Firefox 99 whats new

An unresolved issue with Zoom:
“Gallery mode in the Zoom Web client is now accessible in Firefox 99. Display of video is not always working with breakout rooms in the gallery.
When a user of the Zoom web client enters a breakout room, one’s self-view and of the participants may not appear.”

The workaround requires the user to leave and re-enter the breakout room.

How to get Firefox 99

At the time of writing, Firefox 99 is available for download via FTP.

Once Mozilla announces the release through a blog post, the Firefox update and release notes also go live for users.

You can then able to download from the Firefox website or upgrade using the built-in updater in Firefox by manually checking for updates.

Firefox 100 is the next big update:

Google has already released Chrome 100, Mozilla to publish Firefox version 100 on May 03.

Apart from the version reaching three-digit that may break some websites, the company has planned some existing features.

Picture in Picture mode to support Youtube, Prime, and Netflix Video subtitles and captions.  PiP also supports video captions on websites that use WebVTT format.

At last, Mozilla has enabled Hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding on Windows. The update also allows users to choose their preferred color scheme for websites.

And, as we reported, Firefox on Windows 7 requires Windows Update KB4474419 to be installed successfully.

Final words: Mozilla Firefox 99 is a minor update that comes with slight improvements for Linux, Reader Mode, and PDF Viewer.

Whats’ your take on this Firefox update? Do let us know in the comments below if you experience any issues or bugs after upgrading to this version.

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