Easily Boot Windows 11 into Safe Mode w/ Safe Mode Launcher

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Rather than going through a series of screens and choosing options to enter Windows 11 into Safe Mode, do you know a free portable app with Windows GUI makes it possible to load the latest Windows in Safe Mode with one click? Not kidding, this is true and possible with the free and portable Safe Mode Launcher App.

Windows Safe Mode is one way to troubleshoot system problems when it comes to uninstalling programs or dealing with drivers or startup issues or malware.

Microsoft has removed the F8 Boot menu with Windows 10 to improve system boot time. This makes it even tougher to start Windows in Safe Mode.

Windows 11 Safe Mode

Till now, you need to go through a series of steps and select recommended options for that, this is no longer required. A third-party Freeware app makes the process for Windows 11 hassle-free and it lets you enable the F8 start key also.

How to boot into Safe Mode on Windows 11

  1. Click on Start,
  2. Click on Power options, hold down the Shift button and select Restart
  3. Now, select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options> Startup settings
  4. Press enter  with Restart button highlighted
  5. With the startup Settings displayed on the screen, press 4 for the Safe Mode option

That’s all Windows 11 goes into Safe Mode in low-resolution mode.

After figuring out the issue, restart your system to exit from Safe mode.

The above Safe Mode steps can be avoided or don’t need if you use the Safe Mode Launcher app of Sordum.

Easily Start Windows 11 in Safe Mode with Safe Mode Launcher

  1. Download the Safe Mode Launcher program Zip file
  2. Extracts its files to a folder
  3. Launch the Safe Mode Launcher
  4. Select ” Safe Mode” and click Apply options.
  5. You’ll be asked to restart Windows 11 to switch to your chosen mode, click Yes, done

    Boot into Safe Mode from Windows 11 normal mode easily with Safe Mode Launcher

    Windows 11 Safe Mode Launcher

Safe Mode Launcher displays the following boot and other options once you launch it.

  • Normal mode
  • Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode with Networking
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt only.
  • Display the Boot menu on Windows Startup.
  • Enable Classic Boot menu using F8 key.
    Depending upon your needs, you can select the Safe Mode with the Networking/ command prompt option.

Enable Windows Installer Service in Safe Mode

Safe Mode Launcher not only helps in getting Windows 11 into Safe Mode, but it also enables Windows installer service that is required to uninstall programs.

So, the Apps you installed in normal Mode from the MSI package can be uninstalled in Safe Mode as well without seeing the following error.
The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows installer is not correctly installed. contact your support personnel for assistance.”

The app also offers options in the Menu to Enable hidden Admin Account in Windows 11.

We’ve tested the app and worked as advertised and flawlessly. Hope the Safe Mode Launcher will be useful for Windows 11 to you.

The freeware app is not needed all time, but handy when you need it for once.

Try this app, if you are not able to boot into Safe Mode.

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