Notepad++ bids farewell to Windows XP w/ v7.9.3

Image about Notepad++ bids farewell to Windows XP w/ v7.9.3

The popular Windows Notepad Alternative and Source Code Editor, Notepad++ has dropped support for Windows XP with the new version Notepad++ 7.9.3 due to “technical reasons”.  To say in other words. Notepad++ 7.9.2 is the last version to run on XP.

For the uninitiated, you should be using Notepad++ over windows Notepad for the following reasons

  • 64-bit version and plugins support
  • Is an excellent source code Editor
  • Supports many programming languages including PHP as you can edit CSS, HTML and JavaScript code with ease.
  • The tabbed interface allows opening multiple documents inside it.
  • Syntax highlighting and Syntax folding
  • Supports converting text to Uppercase from lowercase and vice versa

In fact, Notepad++ 7.5.9 lets you replace Windows Notepad with Notepad++, by running a command in Command prompt, you can check those details here.

Furthermore, the app comes with these features which you may not find in another text editor.

Notepad++ v7.9.3

Notepad++ v7.9.3

Notepad++ 7.9.3 drops support for Windows XP

The latest version of Notepad++ can no longer be run on XP.

If you try to download and install it, you’ll get a dialog with the following message:

“This version of Notepad++ doesn’t support Windows XP. The installation will be aborted.”

However, the dialog offers an option for the user to navigate to the Notepad++ website and download v7.9.2 with this message in the dialog”

This version of Notepad++ doesn't support Windows XP dialog

Do you want to go to the Notepad++ download page for downloading the last version which supports XP (v7.9.2)?”

Clicking Yes Will take you to this page where you can download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Notepad++ 7.9.2.

You can check this version’s full changelog over the Notepad++ community page.

What’s your take on this change? Are you still using Windows XP? Let us know in the comments below.

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