Disable News and Interests on Windows 10 Taskbar

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After Skype Meet now, now Windows 10 taskbar is providing the ability to glance at news and know weather information with the new “News and interests” feature. Microsoft has integrated the feature into the Windows taskbar in an insider build.

Windows 10’s News and interests feature

What you need to know:

  • Clicking on the weather box/icon on the taskbar opens the flyout with the news feed.
  • You can customize and personalize this news feed.
  • News and Interests open by default in the new Edge browser on Windows.
  • News and weather information will be updated throughout the day.
  • Windows 10 offers options on the taskbar right click menu to disable the feature and reduce these updates.
  • By visiting Microsoft Privacy Dashboard in the browser, you can able to limit the information tracked by advertisers and third-parties.
    disable or hide Windows 10 taskbar news and interests

While you can read news and see weather information on your web browser, do Windows 10 users really need this?.

Microsoft cites the following reason for that

“Instead of switching between apps on your PC and phone to stay up to date with news and interests you care about – seamless peek into your feed directly from the taskbar anytime you want throughout your day”

The feature addition brings an additional icon to the taskbar.

Like Skype’s Meet Now taskbar icon, Search box, Cortana, People, and Task View buttons, you can hide News and Interests icon also from the taskbar.

Disable or hide News and Interests icon on Windows 10 taskbar

  1. Right-click on taskbar
  2. Hover over News and Interests and select the “Hidden” option

In addition to Hidden, the taskbar right-click menu offers the following options for news and interests.

  • Show icon and text
  • Show icon only
  • Reduce taskbar updates.

What’s your take on Windows 10’s new News and Interests taskbar feature? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below.

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