If you only use one language- that’s English, then you may not find or use the spellcheck menu present on right click menu for text fields or selected text, that much useful. Chromium team on part of the desktop context menu reorganization process has removed the rarely used spellcheck menu in Chrome 49.

After the request from users, who write in more than one language (multilingual writers) in the Chrome browser, Google has bowed down to the criticism and added the feature to Chrome 50 with stable version release. A win! For users, something like this has happened for Chrome with new bookmarks manager also.

Chrome 50 with spellcheck menu

You can see Chrome 49 and 50 without and with a spellcheck menu in this picture

This version also removes an option that present in about:flags, which disables Material design based downloads UI, Chomies! You’ve to stick with the new downloads design from now on.

Google reiterates about the App Launcher retirement for Windows, Mac and Linux, it will be automatically removed from existing users in July with version 52.