We’ve told you about this already, as usual, before every Firefox release, Mozilla makes beta versions available to users for testing, today, they’ve released Firefox 38.0.5 beta 1. This version of Firefox comes with Pocket (already integrated in Nightly), Reader View and allows to ‘share active tab or window in a Hello conversation’. 

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Reader View

Reader view for desktop Firefox is based on Readability bookmarklet and it’s add-on.

“Viewing a webpage in Reader View will remove most of its site elements – (i.e.) menus, ads, social media widgets, etc. and replace the font and overall color scheme styling of the website with a more readable one.”

Firefox 38.0.5 with Reader View open

Whenever a readable-content page is detected, ‘Reader View’ button appears in the URL bar, you can click on the icon with name ‘Enter Reader View’ to view the content without any clutter. Options to Close reader View and Type controls offered on the left sidebar.

Type controls let you

  • Change the font between Sans-Serif and Serif
  • Change font size to big or small
  • Choose desired the color scheme for reading: Light (default), Dark and Sepia.

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Note: Reading list has not been offered in this release, may not be in future, most likely it will be replaced by Pocket.

We’ve already covered about Pocket, you can read more about it here.

Firefox 38.0.5 : What’s new

  • Keep track of articles and videos with Pocket
  • Clean formatting for articles and blog posts with Reader View
  • Share the active tab or window in a Hello conversation

Download Firefox 38.0.5 Beta 1 (32-bit)

Download Firefox 38.0.5 Beta 1 (64-bit)

You can download Firefox beta for Mac and Linux, and other languages on this page.

Firefox 38.0.5 beta release notes