Enable and Test Reader Mode in Firefox Nightly Now

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Mozilla has been working to ship readability in its desktop browser. Two years back, we’ve reported that Mozilla has plans to bring Reader Mode of Firefox for Android’s into the desktop version of Firefox, here is an update about that, it is now available for testing in Nightly behind a preference in about:config.

At present no milestone has been set for the release, this feature needs a lot of work, including adding printing support for the readability parsed articles and making it e10s-friendly.

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Enable Reader mode in Firefox

1. Visit about:config, find the preference ‘reader.parse-on-load.enabled’ and change its value to ‘true’

2. Visit any page that has more text or reader-friendly like this(from Mozilla blog), you will see a book icon in the address bar, it’s the reader mode button, click on it and start reading the page without any ads and other obtrusive stuff.

a page opened in reader mode in Firefox nightly

Note: Even after turning on the reader mode, reader icon only appears when the page detected as readable content.

How to bring Safari Reader feature to Firefox and Chrome

For more information, check this bug.

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