Mozilla halts Firefox 105 rollout due to bug, 105.0.1 to release today

Image about Mozilla halts Firefox 105 rollout due to bug, 105.0.1 to release today

Mozilla released Firefox 105 a few days back. The version rollout has been stopped by the company due to a bug, dot release 105.0.1 is going out later today with a fix to the issue.

Firefox 105

On September 20, 2022, Firefox version 105 has been available for Windows Mac, and Linux platforms. The verison came out with the following new features, bug and security fixes.

  • Option to print only the current page
  • Swipe navigation on Windows has been now enabled.
  • Improves stability on Windows.

The version suffered the following bug.

Google Homepage address bar focused bug in Firefox

If you have set as a custom URL for the “Homepage and new Windows” in the Home section settings, when you open Firefox next time, the address bar will be focused rather than the Google Search bar in the new open window.

We have been able to reproduce this issue.

You can see that behavior in the screenshot attached below.

Mozilla has fixed this bug in Nightly and all versions including stable and releasing Firefox 105.0.1 today.

The organization stopped Firefox 105 rollout at 0% and push 105.0.1 at 25% of the population.

That means Firefox users running 104 may not received 105 via automatic updates.

Firefox 105.0.1

At the time of writing this article, release notes is being prepared, here it is any way where the dot release may come with a fix to only a bug.

Bug:  Despite setting to “Homepage and new Windows”, the address bar is focused when a new window is opened.

Release Notes:

Fixed: Reverted focus behavior for new Windows back to the content area instead of the address bar (bug 1784692)

We have verified and can confirm fix to the issue is working in 105.0.1

How to update from Firefox 105 to 105.0.1

It will take time for 105.0.1 to be available as an automatic update.

You can still check firefox about dialog and see if any update is being offered.

Otherwise, you can download Firefox 105.0.1 from the Firefox FTP site and install it over 105, your settings and everything will be kept intact when you upgrade.

Even if you’re not affected, it is recommended to upgrade this version whenever available.

After installing this update, if you’ve configured Google in Firefox to open as a Home page, the Google homepage will appear with a focus on the Search field than the URL bar highlighted for you to start searching right away.

Has this address bar bug impacted you? Let us know in the comments below.

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