How to manually add sites to automatically switch Profiles in Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft aims to personalize the multi-profile experience in the Microsoft Edge browser by letting you create a list of websites for automatic profile switching. Let us see how to add sites to Edge manually to automatically switch profiles.

Microsoft Edge only getting better after now. Microsoft released Edge 99 with new profile preferences for sites and added a Thumbnail view for easy navigation to PDF documents. Edge from now on supports custom Primary passwords apart from device credential authentication before auto-filling passwords.

add list of sites for automatic Profile switching in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge supports using more than one profile. You can create one profile for work and another profile for personal needs.

Edge supports automatic profile switching too so that when it finds a link is a personal or work link, it asks you to switch to the respective profile

Edge uses the last used profile to open links, if you have other profiles in Edge, you can set as default for which one to use for external links.
For that visit, Settings >Profiles < Profile preferences,

For Default profile for external links, choose a profile displayed other than last used.

How to Manually add sites for automatic Profile switching in Microsoft Edge browser

Starting verison 99, Edge improves the profiles experience by allowing you to create a list of sites for automatic profile switching.

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Click on the 3-dot icon and select Settings
  3. Select Profiles and click on Profile preferences
  4. At the bottom, for Profile preferences for sites,
    Profile preferences for sites
  5. Click Add, type website URL or domain address, keep Action as Switch, In Profile name, select Profile, and click add.
    add website and choose profile for automatic switching
  6. Similarly, you can add other websites.


Let us take examples with Profile names, Profile 1 and Profile 2.

For instance, If you add “” for automatic profile switching for Profile 2 and when you visit while using Profile 1, the website automatically opens in the Profile 2 window.

Likewise, if you add “” to Profile 1 and when you visit the same website in Profile 2, Bing opens in the tab in the Profile 1 window.

The feature comes in handy if you use different profiles in Microsoft Edge. Have you found the automatic profile switching for websites useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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