Microsoft Edge now allows using Digital Pen to highlight text in PDFs

Image about Microsoft Edge now allows using Digital Pen to highlight text in PDFs

Few hours back we covered about the release of Microsoft Edge 85. This version comes with PDF Highlighter tool and other new features. Yesterday, Microsoft announced it will add digital pen support to Highlighter tool for PDFs in Edge version 86.

Microsoft says the feature will be useful to researchers and students that read a lot of PDFs and it allows them to highlight content in PDF, like on Physical paper.

“We’ve heard that being able to highlight content in PDFs is important to you, so we rolled out highlighter support in Microsoft Edge version 85. Now we’re pleased to announce that starting version  86, we’re expanding the highlighting functionality to include support for a digital pen!”

The experience could be different if use a digital pen over mouse, but the feature works the same.

Open a PDF from your computer or web in Edge browser, click or tap on “Highlight” option on toolbar to enter highlight mode, select a color and further select important text.

PDF Highlighter tool in Edge

PDF Highlighter tool in Edge

If you’ve made any mistakes, use the Eraser option provided on toolbar to erase unnecessary highlights. Once you click or tap on Erase button, you’ll enter erase mode.

So give the feature a spin in Edge 86 Canary or Dev, and send your feedback to Edge team by using the Feedback tool included in Edge browser.

What’s your take on this feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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