Microsoft Edge 85 goes Stable with Internet Explorer Mode, PDF Highlighter and more

Image about Microsoft Edge 85 goes Stable with Internet Explorer Mode, PDF Highlighter and more

Microsoft has released Edge 85 two days after the release of Chrome 85 and is available for Mac and Windows to download with  new features, improvements, security updates and bug fixes. New version of Edge allows users to enable Internet Explorer Mode straight from its Settings and send collections to OneNote and offers a new tool on the PDF toolbar to highlight content.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge 85

Edge 85 is a minor update with Storage Access API support.

Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.41

Microsoft Edge version 85.0.564.41

PDF Viewer in Edge has got “Highlighter tool” included to mark the content. Till now you used to access Highlight option on PDF right click menu, it is now available on the toolbar also.

To get started,

  1. Load a PDF in new Edge,
  2. Click on “Highlight” option on the toolbar

    Highlight option on Edge PDF VIewer toolbar

    Highlight option on PDF VIewer toolbar

  3. Select a color from Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Pink and Red and highlight the text and Save the PDF.

Edge PDF Viewer can now validate digital signatures, to get this feature working, visit edge://flags and activate  “Enable digital Signature for PDF” flag and restart the browser. For more details, read this article.

In addition to Excel and Word, Microsoft Edge now supports exporting collections to OneNote.

Launch sites in Internet Explorer mode on Edge

To avoid from opening legacy sites in Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft has integrated IE Mode into new Edge for enterprises and businesses, it is now available for users also in Edge 85 in “Default Browser” Settings.

To enable IE mode in Edge,

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Click on ellipsis icon > Settings > Default Browser
  3. Turn on “Allows Sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode”

    Internet Explorer compatibility Settings in Edge

    Internet Explorer compatibility Settings in new Edge

  4. Restart the browser

After that visit any website, click on ellipsis icon > More tools and select “Reload in Internet Explorer mode” option for IE engine to load page in Edge browser.

Edge supports “App Shortcuts” aka Jump lists for Progressive Web Apps on Windows 10 taskbar.

Visit twitter website in Edge and install it, right click on twitter icon on taskbar to notice options to send tweets, access messages, Explore and Notifications.

Interesting features available behind the flags

QR sharing is available in Edge behind “Enable sharing page via QR code” flag and works when you enable it. You can either select the option in page right click menu or in the address bar to share pages to Android smart phones.

You can run Edge PWAs on Windows Startup, visit edge://flags and enable “Desktop PWAs run on OS login” flag to try out the feature.

Microsoft has published release notes for Edge, you can check it here.

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