Google Chrome updates Picture in Picture UI

Image about Google Chrome updates Picture in Picture UI

Chromium team’s Francois Beaufort updated Picture in Picture mode UI  in Chrome browser, the functionality remained the same but UI has been changed for sure. Here are the changes we noticed for PiP mode in the latest Chrome Canary, applies to Chromium Edge browser also.

Chrome new Picture in Picture UI

Chrome’s Picture in Picture UI Changes

The update ensures the native controls in YouTube Player and Picture-in-Picture icons are of the same size. A new playback button has been added.

And the back to the video tab, Play/Pause and Mute buttons moved to the center of the window. Another significant change you’ll notice when you hover your mouse pointer over the video in Picture in Picture window is background goes dark (darker scrim).

A minimum window size set for PiP window.

To spot these UI changes to Picture in Picture mode in Chrome

You should be using the latest Canary and must have enabled “Experimental Web Platform features'” flag, you can do that by visiting chrome://flags page.

We’ve already said above, Chromium Edge Canary also got these changes for Picture in Picture as it supports the feature.

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