Chrome Picture-in-Picture Mode gets Back to Video tab button

Image about Chrome Picture-in-Picture Mode gets Back to Video tab button

Picture-in-Picture mode, that shows video in a floating window starting with Chrome 70, has got back to tab button, this allows the user to return to the original tab. You can see this development in Chrome 73 Canary. Do know, Opera is ahead of PIP and has added back to tab button to Video Pop Out in Opera 51.

Testing back to tab button in Picture-in-Picture window in Chrome

  1. Ensure you’re using latest Chrome Canary
  2. Visit YouTube or Picture-in-Picture sample page.
  3. Activate PIP mode by right-clicking twice on the YouTube video or for the sample video, you can click on three vertical dots and choose “Picture-in-Picture”
  4. You will now see the video playing in a mini window which on hover over shows ‘Back to tab’ button, which when clicked, closes PIP window and restores video in the main window.

Chrome Picture in Picture back to tab button

At the moment, sample video is offering button below player to ‘toggle picture-in Picture’, you can not see this toggle for videos playing on YouTube.

These are the related flags.

Return to tab with originating media from picture-in-picture window

Add button to return to Video tab

What’s your take on these developments? Do you like Picture in Picture? Let us know in the comments below.

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